How To Get Laid Online

Las Vegas would top my list of easiest cities to get laid in, including getting laid online. Loose women live in the city and some make profiles on adult dating sites to hook up with guys when they ’re planning a vacation. No matter the type of woman you’re going for there are some simple tips you can follow to ensure that you get laid and leave the other guys in the dust.

First and foremost you need to make sure you have a good profile picture. Just like men, a woman looking for a fuck isn’t going to be terribly concerned with your personality. She wants to know what you look like. You don’t have to be a hottie to get laid online, but you need to look like you’re put together. Have a good picture where your face is totally in view. No hats, no bad lighting, etc. Make sure she can see you. The women in Vegas tend to be attracted to slick looking guys so you can go with a suit look if you want to impress. In general women really dig successful, powerful guys so you can’t go wrong looking like that. If you have a rock hard chest and a six pack then you should at least post a picture where you’re without a shirt. It doesn’t have to be your profile pic but it should be up there. You should always flaunt what you’ve got, especially if the ladies love it.

The women coming from out of town are bound to be attracted to guys involved in Las Vegas business so it could help to put in your profile that you have some sort of job at a casino or involved with gambling.

Make it something a little higher up than a blackjack dealer. Feel free to lie. The ladies are looking for the perfect fantasy more than anything else so if you can craft yourself to fit into that you’re good to go. However, the women that actually live in Las Vegas don’t care if you work for the casinos so you can’t please everyone. When in doubt, say that you do something that involves making a lot of money and gives you a little bit of power. Don’t go overboard and make sure you can talk at least a little about your supposed profession.

One of the best things about trying to get laid online in Las Vegas is that hotel rooms are cheap. Even nice places like the Mirage (nice enough, at least) often charge less than $100 for a room. There are decent rooms to be had for $25 on some days and that makes it awfully easy to convince a woman to seal the deal. If she has to go back to your place she’s liable to drag her feet because it can be a little scary to go to some stranger’s place. If you take her to a hotel she knows then she will feel much safer. You can choose the place you want to stay based on your budget (the Imperial Palace has decent rooms for a good price if you’re on a budget). Any vacationing ladies are likely to have hotel rooms so you can see if she suggests you go to her place. As long as she’s not bringing you to her home she’ll be more comfortable with it.


The strip is filled with bars and clubs you can meet someone at before you get to the actual sex. For the most party any women you’re meeting online will want to see you and talk to you a little before you sleep together. Go somewhere with lots of people but not terribly loud. You want to be able to hear each other at least a little. Thankfully every hotel has at least a couple of places you can hang out. If she likes to gamble you can pull the slots for a little while as you chat her up and convince her that you’re not a creep. Las Vegas will do a lot of the work for you, though. The glitz, the money, the drinks, the sexy people all leads to great desire and you just have to provide the dick the girl needs to get off on. It’s easy as pie.



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