Seven million seems like a big number but in the Las Vegas adult dating world it’s actually pretty small. That’s a worldwide number and there are sites with five times that many members. There are sites with a similar number of members but a much higher quality of girls. Horny Matches has seven million members, but that counts all the folks that signed up for free without any intention of contacting anyone or doing anything other than browsing profiles. If you actually do a search for Las Vegas dating results you’ll be surprised at how few women are available here.

Horny Matches has 2500 women in the entirety of Nevada looking for dates. What’s even worse is that they have 68000 men looking for dates in Nevada. That’s a staggering difference. It’s bad at all adult dating sites, of course, but it’s not this bad. That’s obviously the biggest problem facing Horny Matches. Why would you sign up for an account here when you could visit a site with more than 20,000 women in the Las Vegas area alone looking for a screw? You really wouldn’t, especially since they don’t charge any less for a membership here than they do anywhere else.

Horny Matches hasn’t evolved with the times like most other Las Vegas adult dating sites have. The best of them offer video chat, instant messaging so you can chat whenever you want, and archives of great content featuring amateurs. Here they have picture galleries, email, and winks (you send those when you just want to quickly flirt with someone to see if they’re interested in you). I imagine it’s expensive to update your site with the latest in technology but if they want to compete they really need to. There’s no good reason to spend your money here when you can get tons more from another site without spending anything extra. We have reviews of those better sites here. Make a point of reading them before you decide anything.

The profiles at Horny Matches tend to be barren. There just isn’t enough information. You get a simple profile with the basic stuff about height, weight, location, etc, and you can learn a little more through their really basic personality survey. What they lack is much information about what the girl wants to do when she gets with you. Usually it’s a sentence or two. Some would blame the girls for not giving up the information, but I’ve always though it’s up to the site to encourage information sharing from their members. They need to push anyone that signs up to offer as much as possible so making a match is easy. Plus, it’s fun to read the profile of a naughty girl.

Horny Matches does not have great luck attracting good looking women to submit. There are a stunning number of unattractive girls in the search results. Clearly the good looking ladies have all turned to the other sites that offer them more bang for their buck. I hate to be harsh, but some of the women here are staggeringly ugly and would have trouble getting laid anywhere. There are a number of fat chicks too. The site is great if you’re looking for a slump buster to dip your wick into but it’s not worth it if you want to sleep with someone that’s actually attractive to most people.

It’s impossible to recommend Horny Matches for anyone looking into Las Vegas adult dating. I’d recommend you hook up with a Las Vegas escort before you spend money on this site. The women aren’t particularly good looking nor do they have good bodies. The site’s design is old and creaky. They have very little in the way of modern technology where video and contact is concerned. They struggle in almost every way to provide you with what you need as a member, particularly when compared to other sites in the adult dating world online. To make matters worse, they have almost no women in the Las Vegas area signed up and looking for love.

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