A search at Fling is easy as pie. You put in your zip code, the age of ladies you’d like, and a few other details and then the results rush towards you. I did a search for all the ladies in Las Vegas between the ages of 18 and 50. I wanted only the women with photos (they’re the only ones that will ever message you back and actually hook up) and 7800 babes came back. That’s a pretty good selection of Las Vegas adult dating results but it’s more than 10,000 less than competing sites, which puts them pretty far behind the curve when it comes to getting your membership dollars.


The results can be sorted by distance, the last time the lady logged in, and her photo count. The last login is the smartest way to go since you want to be messaging with the women that use the site often. On the results page they list two ladies per row with 40 per page, which is great. For each girl you get a small picture, the last time she was on, her age, where she’s from, and what she’s looking for. When you visit the profile you’re given even more information, although it doesn’t go as in depth as I’d like to see. I want to know information about all her sexual preferences, not just that she wants a guy with a big dick for a discreet one on one relationship. The more info you have the better choices you can make when trying to find the right lady for you.

Communicating with your Las Vegas adult dating ladies is simple. The basic way is to send an email. You use their system and it’s all quick and simple. If you want to find out if she’s interested before contacting her then send a flirt, which is like a wink or a poke. You’re just seeing if she likes the way you look, basically. You can also do video chat, although it doesn’t work as smoothly as other sites.

The basic membership at Fling costs $24.95/month. However, they ask $34.95/month for the same membership that costs $30 at other sites. The Gold membership, they call it. It lets you contact free users, which is cool, but it’s still limited and not really worth the extra money. The pricing is competitive enough, so it’s not a big deal.

The quality of the women at Fling varies – some cities are unimpressive – but the Las Vegas sex dating results are chock full of good looking chicks. Some are staggeringly beautiful and others just cute but you won’t struggle to find a gal you’re attracted to. As is the case with all these sites, there are a fair number of chubby chicks if you’re into that. You can tell a lot about a site by how much the women are willing to show in their profile pictures and at Fling they get pretty naughty. There are tits, pussy, and ass shots galore along with the typical types of pictures. They don’t attract women quite as wild as the best sites in the Las Vegas adult dating scene but it’s not like you’re going to have trouble getting laid here.

They have a decent collection of galleries they offer to their members in addition to the Las Vegas dating results. There are pictures and videos taken from members and organized in an overly simple kind of way. If you just want to see the hardcore videos, for example, it can’t be done. You can browse the galleries by rating, date added, and number of views. Despite the annoyance of trying to find something specific it’s still a good resource with plenty of entertaining porn for you.

Fling is far from a bad site but it also comes up short in a number of areas. The bottom line is that there are sites that do the same thing but do it better and for less money. There are plenty of ladies here but other sites have more; lots more in fact. The profiles don’t have quite enough information. The amateur video and picture archive is a pain to browse. The quality of the women can vary, although the Vegas ladies are hot. It’s way better than paying a Las Vegas escort but you can find a better site for the money.

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