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The most important part of any Las Vegas adult dating site is the search results. The women are the only thing that matters, after all. A search is easy to run at City Sex. Along the top of the page you’ll find a little button that says search and you can click there for a dropdown box where you can put in the age range you’re looking for, the distance from your zip code you want to search, and the last time the girl was on. What’s annoying is that they only display six girls per page. Why on Earth wouldn’t they allow me to view more instead of having to click endlessly? For each girl you can see a picture, her age, when she was last online, a brief quote, and the options to send her a flirt, send her a message, or view her pictures.


It’s surprising how little information is offered about the girls. The pictures are obviously the most important thing but you’d think they would try to give you more than the simple profile stuff (height, body type, eye color, etc) and the very basics of what she’s looking for. I know this isn’t a dating site so I don’t expect there to be a personality test but they should ask a few questions about what kind of sex someone is looking for, what really makes them cum, etc. Maybe some people can’t answer that question but if you’re on a Las Vegas adult dating site you should have some idea of what you want and City Sex doesn’t make much effort to coax that information out of anyone that signs up.

There’s a fair amount of annoying bullshit with City Sex. Before you’ve paid for a membership you’re likely going to sign up as a free member and browse around. While you do that you’ll be bombarded with chat requests, friend requests, actual chat windows popping up, and much more. Every bit of it is fake and designed to get you to pay so you can read those messages and chat with those girls that seem so super horny. They’re not. They’re just bots that message anyone that signs on with a free membership and it’s so annoying. There’s more money grubbing action after you’ve signed up. They have ads for paid webcam shows all over and those things cost more than a Las Vegas escort so I can’t imagine why you’d want to use them when you just paid for a membership to a Las Vegas adult dating site that’s going to get you laid.

There’s also an exceptionally high occurrence of fake profiles here at City Sex. I deem them fake because the pictures are of models, pornstars, centerfolds, etc, so they’re obviously not real women and because the writing in the profile is usually a little too on the nose or completely unintelligible. Either way it seems a lot like the profiles are there to convince you that there are some seriously super hot women here and make you sign up so you can message them only to find out that they don’t exist.

The thing is, the best sites in the Las Vegas sex dating business don’t need to resort to all these tactics to get you to join (to be fair, most of them do these types of things, just not to this extent). Most sites offer quality services to convince you to pay them for the chance to message girls. City Sex is not content with that. It’s run in a cynical and shitty way that makes them do anything to separate you from your cash. Ultimately it’s not a great deal.

Even if you throw away the fake profiles, the annoying spamming before you’ve paid for a membership you shouldn’t join because they don’t have as many members here as other sites offer. The more girls there are the better a shot you have at getting laid. Plus, other sites offer stuff like free amateur videos and picture galleries that they don’t have nearly enough of here. All told it’s not a great site.


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